Here I am.

Mid-40’s and I completely changed careers.


*not completely*.

As a writer (my new job) I’m pulling from years of content writing and reading books like it was my actual job. Turns out, that was the most helpful thing I could have done to carve a path into finding my voice and rhythm… and also some creative writing courses in college (I’m looking at you, prof. Johnny Wink).

And I found a motivation.

For years, I felt the voice inside of me, but didn’t have the life experience to say anything of true depth or value.

That is, until our kids came along and suddenly, the voice bubbled over. In real time, that voice in my head will not stop as I play back each slack-jawed parenting spectacle and add my own commentary.

I’m sure there’s some medication for that, but all the “Greats” are a little crazy and I’m going to run with it. Call it therapy, call it a purging… but I am called to write.

Which is where the *kind of* switching careers comes in.

I was a graphic designer. I still am. And you know where design comes in really handy? In book layout and design.

This writer just wrote her first children’s book and branded the whole kit and kaboodle, with five others in the series just waiting their turn in line.

My intrepid illustrator (Stevie Mahardhika) brilliantly brought the characters and story to life and our styles mesh well together.

Next move in this new career is “venture capital” in the form of Kickstarter. Deep breath… here we go.

March 1, we’re raising funds for an amount that makes my eyes pop, but to create the kind of beautiful hardback book that I KNOW I can produce, it’s going to take some coin. And I’m not talking about the bitcoin.

So wish me luck. This writer/designer is on her way to publishing for the first time and we’re going for glory.

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