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Meet Our Illustrators

Stevie Mahardhika

A big kid at heart, Stevie relishes the opportunity to draw for children’s books with a focus on animal characters and adventure stories. He gives full credit to his older brother whose drawings he copied whilst growing up. Respect for those stays close to home.

Stevie says fellow illustrator, Anton Petrov, has been a constant source of inspiration over the years as he develops and evolves his own personal style. While finding his definitive look, his illustrative versatility has already proved useful.

David Boado

David Boado is an American illustrator and storyteller currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. An experienced public school teacher, David has been teaching Literature since 2005. 

Passionate about storytelling and writing, David teaches literature and thematic writing to encourage students to reflect on their own lives.

Self-taught with traditional media (pencils, brush, ink, watercolor, acrylics, and oils), David currently is a proponent of using both traditional and digital media when creating, as reflected in the diversity of his work.

David lives and creates in Arizona with his wife and two dogs, while obtaining a Master’s of Design degree in Comic Books and Graphic Novels at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (University of Dundee), one of the United Kingdom’s most highly regarded art schools.