Making Friends at Costco

There’s a fun new game I discovered at Costco (I think the employees really like it).

I’ll tell all the kids to get in the cart, then I wheel all the kids and the stuff in the cart to the side of the cashier.

Then I shout “THANKS FOR THE FREE BABYSITTING!!!” and run away laughing.

They looked like they enjoyed it, except for the abject death mask of fear from the sweet gal boxing up the goods.

That’s right, girl. True love waits.

Also, another fun game is watching my three boys take their pretend guns in their hands and make very loud noises (like automatic rifles) pointed at random strangers usually above the age of 65.

Surprisingly, they’re usually the best sports and tend to pretend to fall over.

At least, I hope they’re pretending.

Costco, you just be quiet. We’re paying half your salaries right now.

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