Welcome Stevie Mahardhika


I’d like to introduce you to Stevie!

Stevie comes to us by way of New Zealand and he is a full-time children’s book illustrator.

We met on Match.com (hahaha just kidding.)

Actually, I came across his work online and I took a deep breath when I cold-emailed his agent.

I was sure that they wouldn’t give me the time of day based on the fact that my name ISN’T “Simon” or “Schuster.”

Stevie has a very impressive history of successful books to his name. And his style is perfect for the Mom’s Not books.

Lo and behold- they emailed me back! My jaw hit the floor.

Browsing the excellent rough draft from David, Stevie was impressed by how far we were in the project and he loved the humor and spirit of the book.

We negotiated the terms of the contract and we were off to the races.

Over the next few months, I’ll slowly share with you the roughs as well as the character renderings from Stevie.

He is top-notch and just the person I need to create excellent finished art.

David (Boado) gave me the engine to get this thing off the ground and I am so appreciative. He was pulled away to other HUGE life obligations and I smile knowing he and his wife are right where they should be.

Stevie is a joy to work with and we have a fun banter going on half a world away. Literally. I’ve travelled to New Zealand and so I have a good idea of what his world looks like.

I can’t imagine a more perfect spot in this world to be an illustrator. New Zealand itself looks to be right out of a fairy tale.

Stevie’s a private guy and only puts his work out on instagram, so don’t stalk him too hard. OK, you can stalk him once the book is out and his name is thrown in with the other Caldecott candidates.

He’ll be so famous that I won’t even be able to get through to him.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

OK, if you want a peek of his work and therefore a taste of what “Mom’s Not Wipin’ Your Bum” will look like, here’s a link.

Stevie loves all animals and especially Kiwis. Which he should… because they’re darn cute.

I’m thinking that Three Plus One Publishing is going to have to expense a plane ticket to New Zealand for book #2 so I can meet him in person.

And of course, I’ll take you along with me on the journey.

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